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09/22/2017Jennifer LewisTraining event + District meeting
09/28/2017Kerlin Calderondistrict 18 principal meeting
09/29/2017Jennifer LewisDiocese of Little Rock
10/01/2017Sean KrollHillsborough Charter Principals mtg
10/11/2017Sean KrollArchdiocese of New Orleans Office of Catholic Schools 51st Annual Administrators Conference
10/11/2017Cory GibsonPrincipal Meetings for LAUSD
10/18/2017Jennifer LewisVendor Fair: Spring Branch ISD
10/23/2017Sean KrollInacol
10/23/2017Danny DakariNJSBA
11/01/2017Sean KrollFlorida Charter School Conference
11/09/2017Danny DakariDistrict 20 Meeting
11/17/2017Kerlin Calderondistrict 30 principal meeting
11/29/2017Mark RisingNCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathletics) - Chicago Regional Conference
12/06/2017Sean KrollHillsborough Charter Principals' Mtg
12/13/2017Sean KrollLAPCS 10th Anniversary – Louisiana Charter Schools Conference
01/08/2018Greg FosterBrandon/Louis Riel/Winnipeg School Division Meetings
02/09/2018Miranda SkeltonISABC Pro D Day
02/13/2018David Lashar2018 Ohio Educational Technology Conference
02/16/2018Greg FosterRegina Teachers' Converntion
Danny DakariCSA Dinner
Kerlin Calderondistrict 12 principal meeting
Conference Start DateSelect your nameConference/ EventEdit Entry